Protect Your Body’s Natural Defenses

When we think about our body’s natural defenses, we might first think of antibodies, the cells that fight infection and disease. However, our body’s first line of defense — and the most important in protecting us against many types of infection — is our skin. Healthy skin is vital not just so we look and smell good but also to help cuts and sores to heal quickly and stopping them becoming infected.

There are lots of ways that our skin can become damaged. The injury may be the most obvious, but chafing can also create many problems especially in areas where bacteria abound like our feet or our underarms. Smoking can also damage our skin’s elasticity, making it thinner and more brittle, more prone to cuts, blisters, and abrasions — and leading to premature wrinkles too.

Use the Right Products

Luckily, there is no shortage of skincare products for you to choose from. Whether you are concerned more with clearing up the wrinkles and signs of aging caused by smoking or you want to boost your skin’s natural defenses to keep yourself as healthy and clean as possible, there are literally thousands of different brands, mixtures, and concoctions for you to choose from. Some of these products are extremely expensive, but this is one area where a bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. Check customer reviews and beauty magazines for blind tests to see if there is a bargain product that will make it much better than its hundred-dollar competitor.

It is also worth shopping in unusual places for skincare products; many companies which make supplements to keep your insides ticking over also manufacture and sell their own skincare products, using natural ingredients and age-old knowledge to ensure your skin remains healthy.

Skincare Products from Onnit

Health supplement company Onnit is one of those brands which also sell their own skincare products. While they may be better known for tablets and powders which are designed to either boost your brain power or give you an advantage in the gym, their skincare range is all about healthy, beautiful skin.

They sell soaps, moisturizers, deodorants and even a naturally healthy toothpaste, while there are also gift packs available if you are looking for an unusual present for a friend or relative who loves their skincare routine. You can even get a reduction on these products, thanks to 10% off coupon code can make this great range much more affordable.

Onnit Hand and Body Salve

Created from a blend of essential oils, herbal extracts, beeswax and Onnit’s own secret ingredients, their Hand, and Body Salve is designed 886to be used wherever your skin is in need of a little TLC. It can be used to heal abrasions, scrapes, and calluses without softening them. After all, calluses are our body’s way of creating a tougher barrier in areas where the skin is put under extreme pressure; softening them would just lead to more risk of blisters, cut, and infections developing.

That doesn’t mean that the Onnit Hand and Body Salve doesn’t moisturize your skin where it is needed; however, this product merely complements and boosts the body’s natural moisture without softening the skin artificially. This should be used morning and night on problem areas, and if the skin does feel oily after application then try using less next time around. Containing only organic ingredients and no perfume, this is an ideal product for those with very sensitive skin.

Defense Soap

The Onnit website also sells Defense Soap, a product that has long been popular among combat 442sportsmen and women who find that its unique blend of ingredients helps to protect their skin from an infection caused by chafing, scrapes, and contact with sweaty equipment such as mats and gloves. However, you don’t need to be an MMA fighter to benefit from the active ingredients in Defense Soap; it has been proven to tackle all kinds of skin infections and conditions, from ringworm, impetigo, and MRSA to dandruff, acne and dry skin, and all without damaging the good bacteria that we need for good skin health.

Defense Soap uses natural antimicrobial ingredients like eucalyptus and tea tree oil to fight the bad bacteria which cause skin infections; most medicated soaps of this kind use chemical ingredients called triclosan, but this destroys all bacteria, including the ones we need to maintain healthy skin. An added benefit of using ingredients like eucalyptus and tea tree oil is that it gives Defense Soap a delicious smell and an added tingle when you use it that helps wake you up in the shower.

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