Make The Switch To Vaping For Healthy Skin

does_smoking_cause_wrinklesAll smokers today know the risks they are facing when they light up their next cigarette. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, many of which are harmful to health and some of which can cause cancer. Smoking itself also decreases lung capacity, which can lead to conditions like asthma and emphysema, and it puts an incredible strain on the heart, increasing the chances that you will suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Less seriously, smoking also affects the health of your skin. While this may not be life-threatening for many men and women who want to continue looking as young as possible for as long as possible, with their addiction to cigarettes they can look forward to premature aging and a face full of wrinkles by the time they are in their late 40s.

Reverse the Damage

It is not too late, though. If you are a young smoker or have only been smoking for a few years, the chances are that any damage that has been done is still reversible. Quit smoking now, and you can look forward to healthy skin for years to come. Of course, quitting smoking isn’t easy, but with the use of e-cigarettes, which cause no damage to the skin, you can get the help you need to give up smoking for good. Check reviews online and shop around on the many websites which sell vaporizers to find the right device to help you quit.

If you have been smoking for longer, or if you already have some signs of premature aging, then you may need a little extra help to reverse your wrinkles – though giving up smoking is still the best thing you can do if you want healthier skin. Speak to your doctor about prescription strength creams that can repair some of the damage already done by years of smoking, or you can buy anti-aging creams online or at your local pharmacy.

Cigarettes vs. E-cigarettes

So how exactly do cigarettes damage your skin? Well, there are actually several ways that smoking affects the health and appearance of effects-of-smokingyour skin. First and foremost, smoking constricts blood vessels throughout your body, and the blood vessels that serve your skin are no different. This means that your skin cells are receiving less oxygen and other nutrients. Smoking is particularly damaging to connective tissue, such as collagen and elastin. Unfortunately for smokers who want to continue looking youthful, collagen and elastin are the very ingredients that keep our skin feeling firm and healthy. The wrinkles that develop as we get older are because our natural levels of elastin and collagen fall over time.

These factors all contribute to premature aging in smokers, but these effects are reversible if you quit smoking early enough. Switching to e-cigs is a great way to give up cigarettes without the horrible withdrawal from nicotine that stops many people from quitting successfully. The e-liquids that are used in disposable e-cigs and refillable vape pens are much better for your health in every way, including the health of your skin.

Unlike cigarette smoke, with its thousands of damaging and dangerous chemicals, e-liquids contain only a few ingredients. The base of all e-liquids is a combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These are already used widely in lots of common household products — including many skin creams, moisturizers and beauty products. No one is trying to claim that vaping e-liquids will restore the damage done to your skin by years of smoking, but it will allow your body to repair the damage itself over time, with or without the help of prescription or over-the-counter skin creams.

There has been some bad press recently about the potential health risks of vaping. However, what is important to remember is that when vaping is used as an alternative to smoking tobacco, it will always be the better option; for your lungs, your heart and your skin. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for the health of your skin — check out e cig reviews online now to find the device that will help and support you through this difficult process and soon you will notice an improvement in your appearance.

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